Animal Health and Welfare – Unitec

UnitecDo you love animals? Animal welfare courses at Unitec prepare you for a satisfying career working with creatures great and small. Whether you’re interested in canine behaviour and training, zoo-keeping, or veterinary nursing, there are lots of areas to specialise in when it comes to caring for animals.

Study animal health and welfare with us and you’ll learn the industry-specific skills you need for a career. Whether it’s animal advocacy, captive animal management, animal behaviour counselling or veterinary nursing, our animal care courses are in-depth and always relevant.

Hands-on learning means you’ll handle and care for animals in a range of different settings. It’s great practice for the real world and lets you try out your skills in a supervised environment. Through practical work placements, you’ll recognise the signs of good health and ill health in all sorts of animals. You’ll also get an understanding of the social, ethical and environmental issues that impact animal management.

A career working with animals is fulfilling and diverse, and thanks to the increasing global awareness of animal rights, there are jobs all over the world for well-trained and enthusiastic professionals.