Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting the job

CV’s A good CV is important so spend some time on it.  Tailor it to the job you are applying for by looking at what the purpose and requirements of the job are.  Don’t use a generic, one-size-fits-all CV.  Show that you actually know what this job is about and that it matters to you. There’s a great resource over at on how to write CVs.  There are examples of several different CV styles along with a CV builder.  Check it out at Competencies Some organisations, including the Department of Conservation, ask that you address the competencies listed in […]

Can I send you my CV?

No.  We are a job advertising agency and not an employer.  As a rule of thumb, don’t send a CV unless you are invited to apply for a vacancy or submit expressions of interest.

I’m an overseas resident, can I apply for these jobs?

If you are living overseas and want to work in New Zealand you must: be a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand Residence Permit holder or, be an Australian citizen or an Australian resident who holds a current Australian Resident Return Visa or, have lawful authority to work in New Zealand which includes a Work Permit with conditions that allow the holder to work in the position applied for or, have a variation of condition to a Visitor or Student Permit that allows such work. People in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Scheme Permit are not permitted to take […]