NZVA Wildlife Society Conference – Dunedin

Event Details

Wildlife Society of the NZ Veterinary Assocciation Conference

23-25 November 2018

Dunedin: The Wild South!

Our conference brings together the diverse groups who work with wildlife in the clinic and outdoors through talks, a field trip to the rugged Otago Peninsula and workshops. It will inspire, enthuse and equip veterinarians to work confidently with wildlife of all types, and provide life-long connections for support and enjoyment in this dynamic sphere.

There will be fantastic talks from local wildlife experts, wildlife veterinarians, conservationists and ecologists. We are spoiled for choice with our field trip, with ‘Penguin Place’ and ‘The Royal Albatross Centre’ nearby on the Otago Peninsula.

This year, part of the academic programme will be held at Otago Polytechnic School of Veterinary nursing, with a chance to look through the newly established Dunedin Wildlife Hospital.